We Are Christians


Religion is a very important part of our life. We believe that we are placed on this earth to see how we respond to life's turns. If we live righteously by obeying God's commands and request forgiveness when we err, we will receive a reward in heaven after death.

We believe that the Bible is the only means of knowing what God wants us to do. No man-created creed or book can save us -- only knowing and obeying what our God has provided to us in the Bible.

We attend services at the West Main Church of Christ in Lewisville, Texas. This is an autonomous group who reads and interprets the Bible as the true and living Word of God. We have no allegiance to any overseeing group or denomination. We feel that this encourages the proper study and evaluation of the scriptures.

You're always welcome to visit with us at worship services. Or, if you prefer, set up a Bible study with us. Send e-mail with any questions you have or for more more info.